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Buy a home in the Tri-Cities area Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

WE LOVE BUYERS!  We know how hard it can be in this market to jump on that dream house that you have fallen in love with if you are out of area or can’t get off work for a few days.  We have been able to create an extremely proactive approach for our buyers so that they feel like they are prepared to buy when the time is right. We keep a close eye on the market, watching trends to make sure we know how to help you make the best offer possible. We are an extension of you! Some of the ways we make sure you are taken care of:

  • We help you get prequalified with a lender that has the heart of a teacher!  If you already have a lender- that is fantastic! We make sure that we know the type of loan you are using to look at homes that qualify for that loan.
  • We are Dave Ramsey nerds!  We want to make sure you love your new home AND your new payment.
  • We are 24/7 Realtors and there are 2 of us so we can run you over to a home any time that meets your schedule.
  • For those times that you are unable to see a home, due to your schedule or if you are out of area, we will do a VIRTUAL TOUR of the entire property.  This video is usually 15-30 minutes long and we UPLOAD IT to YOUTUBE so that you can rewind and fast forward.  You can tell us the specific questions you have and we will take detailed video.  We use a gimbal to help keep the video easy to watch.
  • We do all of our paperwork with digital signatures so that we are able to submit offers very quickly.  If you would rather sign them in person, we will come to you with the paperwork!
  • You can reach us by phone, text or email.  The method your prefer, we prefer!
  • We will set you up on a system that will notify you immediately when a property within your search criteria comes available (within 15 minutes- Zillow and several of the websites can take up to 72 hours to post new listings- please don’t depend on them!)
  • We never require our families sign an exclusive buyer’s agreement.  We only represent you for the property you are hoping to purchase.  
  • We are experienced with 1031 exchanges, short sales, foreclosures, working with investors, farm/ranch, land and the ins and outs of more complicated transactions.

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